sambarman kennels


Our Kennels are situated in the upper Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, about an hour’s drive east of Melbourne. Our home is a working farm at the southern end of Australia’s Great Dividing Range and abounded by the Yarra Ranges National Park.

Our kennels originated in 1977 as the result of our need to use high quality versatile hunting dogs in our other business which is a Wildlife and Feral Animal Control Company. We are professional hunters and accordingly, we use the best available versatile hunting dogs in our work. We breed and train Deutsch Drahthaars (German Wirehaired Pointers) and Deutsch Jagterriers (German Hunting Terriers) in accordance with the standards set down by the FCI Fédération Cynologique Internationale the World Canine Organisation. (of which Australia is an Associate member through the ANKC).

We are also members of Serbian Deutsch Drahthaar  Club (Sabac) and Serbian Club NLT (German Hunting Terrier). Both of which test hunting dogs to required European standards. These standards require the dog passes a very stringent confirmation and temperament examination and a hunting test, before it can be used for hunting/breeding.

We are members of the FCI through the European arm of our Kennel under the name; Vom Draht based in The Republic of Serbia. Through Vom Draht Kennels we import the finest hunting brood stock available in Europe. Our dogs are successfully being utilised as:

  • Indicator Dogs (used for locating and passively indicating invasive species)
  • Versatile Hunting Dogs (excel in hunting fur, feather, sharp and big game)
  • Blood Trackers (Dogs used to locate wounded/injured animals)
  • Professional Hunters (Dogs used in Feral Animal/Wildlife Management)

Our Aim
To continue to breed the finest possible versatile hunting dogs in Australasia; with emphasis on Conformation, Natural Working Ability, High Prey Drive, Temperament and Health.

Our Philosophy
In order to achieve our aim, we shall continue to improve and refine our breeding program by introducing only; genetically superior, optimum quality, work proven and tested brood stock.

Our Track Record
Sambarman Kennels goal has never been and never will be, to produce dogs for the purposes of showing or the pet market. There are plenty of breeders out there who are happy to sell you a pet or a show dog. Our dogs are very well represented amongst professional hunters throughout Australia and New Zealand. Many are now in the hands of recreational hunters and enjoying a very high degree of success amongst deer hunters, quail and duck hunters. Vermin hunters, particularly fox hunters, hold our dogs in very high regard. They have also made a name for themselves in field & retrieving trials in New Zealand.

Pre-requisites (new owners)
All dogs we breed shall only be released to hunting homes. No exceptions. Prospective purchasers must be able to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they are either recreational or professional hunters. A current firearms licence endorsed for hunting and a Game licence of equivalent will be required before a pup is released.

Prospective owners will need to have a good foundation of knowledge of canine behaviour and dog training.

Unless otherwise agreed, pups will only be released on the ANKC (Limited Register).

Untrained, undisciplined and out of control dogs are of little use to anyone. At Sambarman Kennels we take an active interest in all of our dogs – for the life of the dog. We provide free advice and basic puppy training tips to our new owners.

Formal Training
For a fee, we also provide formal training of versatile hunting dogs at all levels from pups right through to a finished dog. For details please contact us by phone, email or on Facebook.